Gabor Szoboszlai is a professional photographer skilled in black and white film noir style, Hollywood lighting and weddings. Based in Milan, Italy, but hailing from Hungary, he discovered his passion for photography when he was thirteen years old but he’ve learned every secret of this amazing job when he started to work as theatre photographer.

In fact between 1980 and 1986 he was the theatre photographer at the Szolnoki Szigligeti Theater (Szolnok, Hungary). His main tasks were visual documentations of the presented performances and his photos were used for the program booklets as well. For 17 years he has worked in more than 10 theatres shooting over 500 actors and actress’s portraits on photography film. His works has been used to present the acting performances and have also been published on magazines’s covers and pages, on books and used for reportages as well.

His years of experience in theatre photography has teached him the way to see light differences and educated his eyes and his sight to fast light changing typical of acting performances. He learned to shot quickly, as quick as the light were changing. To catch actors playing their parts meant to him to catch and photograph actual life on stage which is basically the main aspect of photography.

In fact his portraits are like treasure chests: he put in all his feelings and people’s uniqueness, safeguarding them mostly in noir black and white pictures. Gabor Szoboszlai thinks that this is a great pleasure and a honour, but also a huge responsibility: the responsibility of shielding a instant of real life. A strong lust for life has pushed him also to express himself 360 degrees writing and directing also some short films in his career.